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The Art of Rudy Rotter (1913-2001) creates a unique and special world bound within the borders of his many drawings and sculptures. The work is the product of over four decades of artistic exploration into the interconnectedness of humanity.

The foundation of this artist’s work is in Humanism, expressed through the Rotter’s confident and intuitive use of abstraction to fulfill what he called primitive expressionism.  The artwork transmits emotional heft. The ideas and feelings put forth become etched in the viewer.

Rotter’s style has been attributed to the Outsider and self-taught genres. At first glance the art appears to be naive and primitive, but a sustained and focused viewing informs the viewer that the art is both sophisticated and complex.

For 45-years Rotter obsessively created art daily in a solitary, unheated 100-year-old warehouse in the small Wisconsin town of Manitowoc. Over time he produced enough artwork to fill three large floors of a self-styled museum.

Rudy Rotter’s art is strong, distinctive, and easily attributable to the artist. It stands apart from the standard conventions and formal language of the artworld. The art that poured forth from this artist arose from his rich inner imagination, intense drive to create, and a constant inventiveness.

The Rudy Rotter Museum of Sculpture ceased to exist with his passing. The artwork remains in limbo and is waiting to re-enter the public’s view.

A fresh effort is now underway to raise awareness of this excellent art and the life story of this significant and under-recognized artist.

Humanity Smiling On A Happy Sleeping Family
Magic markers on particle board – 12 x 30 in. – 1999

Humanity Smiling On A Happy Sleeping Family

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Short Essay 
The Expertise of Rudy Rotter
– From Early to Late Period | pdf

Early to Late Period

Articles, Books & Exhibitions

 Outsider Art Fair  2019  –  Works on Paper | Booth #51 | NYC
 Folk Art Messenger  2018  –A Warehouse Full of Dreams
 Miracle of the Spirit  2005  –  Stories from Wisconsin
 Artist’s Letter  1995  –  Memories
 Let the Joy Come In  –  The Last Decade of Rudy’s Art


Two Works by Rudy Rotter, self-taught artist
These two works show the extreme divergence of style seen throughout Rotter’s 45 years of art production.

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KCPT Kansas City, MO (2001)

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2008)


Rudy Rotter’s Spirit-Driven Art

The Odyssey and Evolution of an Artistic Vision

by Anton Rajer


Rudy Rotter's Spirit Driven Art book

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His creativity is driven by a passion to convey a feeling about humanity. In the sanctity of his Buffalo Street studio, it doesn’t matter who or what is outside the door. Inside, his mind and imagination take him to places most ordinary mortals will only begin to know by looking at his work.”

QuickTime Movies of Rudy Rotter
(low-quality videos but worth viewing)

Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies

Rudy’s thoughts on the act of creating

Rudy in his workshop
Rudy and his spray-painted creatures
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy and his use of patterns and molds
Rudy presenting trophy material sculptures
Rudy showing his use of multiples

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Rudy Rotter 的局外人艺术 – 美国(1913-2001)。

鲁迪·罗特 (Rudy Rotter) 是局外人类型的艺术家。 他在 45 年的时间里创作了大量艺术品。 艺术家的所有作品都是独一无二的,可识别为属于他的作品。

这个网站展示了他早期的木雕艺术,以及他后来更激进的抽象作品。 这位艺术家的所有艺术都源于人类相互联系和支持的主题。

他是一位人文主义者,相信人性中最好的一面。 他的作品在风格和内容上是永恒和普遍的。

如需更多信息,请联系 randy.rotter@rudyrotterart.com。

외부인의 예술 루디 로터 – 미국 (1913-2001).

루디 로터는 아웃사이더 유형의 아티스트입니다. 그는 45 년 동안 많은 예술 작품을 만들었습니다. 작가의 모든 작품은 독특하고 그의 것으로 인식 할 수 있습니다.

이 사이트는 그의 초기 나무 조각 예술과 나중에 더 급진적 인 추상 작품을 선보입니다. 작가의 모든 예술은 인간의 상호 연결성과 지원이라는 주제에서 비롯됩니다.

그는 인간 본성의 최고를 믿는 인본주의 자였습니다. 그의 작품은 스타일과 내용면에서 시대를 초월하고 보편적입니다.\

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