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The Art of Rudy Rotter

Rudy Rotter was a passionate self-taught artist living in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He created more than 15,000 works of art over a 45-year period until his passing in 2001.

Rudy’s art was created outside the standard conventions and language of the formal art world. He compulsively created art daily for decades driven by the strength of his own vision. In the process,  a homespun museum was assembled to display his profuse production.

While the museum no longer exists, a fresh effort is now underway to inform the public about Rudy and his art. The mission is to raise awareness of, engagement with, and appreciation for this important and underrecognized artist.


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Kohler Foundation

Portrait Society Gallery

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Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (2008)

KCPT Kansas City, MO (2001)


Rudy Rotter’s Spirit-Driven Art:
The Odyssey and Evolution of an Artistic Vision

by Anton Rajer

Rudy Rotter's Spirit Driven Art book  
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His creativity is driven by a passion to convey a feeling about humanity. In the sanctity of his Buffalo Street studio, it doesn’t matter who or what is outside the door. Inside, his mind and imagination take him to places most ordinary mortals will only begin to know by looking at his work.”

Articles & Exhibitions

Outsider Magazine 2003:  The Uncertain Legacy of Rudy Rotter
Let the Joy Come In:   The Last Decade of Rudy’s Art
Exhibitions:    Shows, Collections, and Publications
Artist Letter:    Memories – 1995

QuickTime Movies of Rudy Rotter
(low quality videos but worth viewing)

Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies

Rudy’s thoughts on the act of creating

Rudy in his workshop
Rudy and his spray-painted creatures
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy Rotter self-taught artist movies
Rudy and his use of patterns and molds
Rudy presenting trophy material sculptures
Rudy showing his use of multiples

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